Forever Young




5"Acorn: $1,000


3" Leaf: $500


9" Stone: $1,500


12" Tree: $3,000

what is forever young ministry

Pastor Royce Porter and the Forever Young Ministry of Crenshaw UMC invite you to participate in our Tree Of Life.

Over 5 years ago, the hard working members of Crenshaw contributed to renovate the fellowship hall downstairs.

As we look back with gratitude for their great accomplishment, we must also look forward to deferred maintenance on some fo the physical structure of Crenshaw as well as continuing our efforts to reach out to more people through our ministries and community programs.

The monies raised by the Tree Of Life will be used to reduce the loan, the restoration of the physical plant, for support and development of new ministerial initiatives.

We hope that the Tree Of Life will encourage you, friends of Crenshaw UMC and our community, to help us build for the future. The Tree of Life is a very special way to remember a family member or a co-worker who has had a deep love for Crenshaw UMC.

What is the tree of life

Artisan crafted in bronze and Plexiglas, the 200 leaf Tree Of Life is a permanent symbol dedicated to enrich the spiritual, educational, physical, and social lives of those who worship at Crenshaw United Methodist Church.

Where is the tree of life located

The Tree Of Life will remain in the front lobby of the church as a lasting and permanent tribute and memorial to those whose names are engraved.

how can you share in the tree of life

Persons, special events, and/or anniversaries may be honored or memorialized by making a donation and requesting that a specific name(s) be engraved on the appropriate symbol.